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why learn about
your bike

"I don't know anything about my bike, I just cycle it" Alex

Bragging rights! Seriously though, the ability to spot and fix wear and tear on your bicycle is very valuable. It will help you maintain a safer bike, save money on expensive tune ups and repairs and will make you feel more confident in bike spaces.
Feel the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes with having the skills and knowledge to make biking better for you and feel a sense of belonging in the cycling community.
Cycling is good for the planet but did you know that when we learn how to fix things we not only build skills for ourselves but we help our communities and the environment. Be part of Do It Yourself (DIY) Culture.
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Why Suzie Cycles

Suitable for Beginners

Flexible learning opportunities to match your learning style

Everyday cycling championed. All types of bicycles welcomed here

Sliding scale pricing

Community and value  driven

Suzie is a qualified bike mechanic

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