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Give the gift of a Geared for You consultation.


Finding the right bike can be difficult from searching ads, browsing bike shops or trying to make sense of all the information on the internet. ​With a Geared for You Gift Card save your loved one (or yourself) the time, energy and stress of finding the right bike with a consultation with the bicycle matchmaker, that's me!


I will help the holder of this gift card get to know their bicycle hopes and dreams and work with them to narrow down their search to a select group of compatible bikes that are the right size, and fit for their bike goals. ​


With the Geared for You gift card you can buy now and use later.


Send it to a loved one, or keep it for yourself.


A bike is a long term investment, let's feel empowered to make real connections with our bicycle hopes and dreams.

Geared for You Gift Card

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