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How to Buy A Bicycle Tube 101

It’s #techtiptuesday Let’s talk bicycle tubes! A bicycle inner tube is a pliable rubber ring with an air valve that lets air in and out. It lives inflated tucked in under (or encased inside) your bicycle tyre.

It’s inevitable as a cyclist you will need to get a new inner tube at some stage. Getting a puncture or flat tyre (caused by a hole in the inner tube) happens to everyone and if your inner tube is beyond repair or you don’t have time to repair it then it’s time to buy a new one.

You can get a new inner tube at your local bike shop or online. Knowing what size inner tube and the type of valve you want will save you time, and give you that awesome feeling of knowing your stuff in a bike shop 🔧💪

Check out the guide and learn how to

🚲 find the size of the inner tube

🚲 know which type of valve you want

Image description:

#1 - bicycle tube image with text How to buy a bicycle tube 101

#2 - an image of a bicycle wheel and second image of a tyre. Text step 1 know the right tube size

#3 - image of tyre side wall. Text look for diameter and width

#4 - image of valve types. Text step 3 pick your valve type.

#5 - image of bike shop blurred and tube box. Text pop along to your local bike shop.


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