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3 Tips for your First Bicycle Commute

Commuting by bicycle has many benefits, now more than ever! Set yourself up for success with these 3 starter tips. ⠀

1: start small. You don’t have to commit to everyday, test out cycling one day per week/month to start. Do a dry run on the weekend to give yourself a better sense of timing.

2: map your route ahead of time. There may be a few options. Think about routes that have fewer, or no hills, have bike lane access, or side streets with less traffic. Using Google Maps is helpful. Click the 🚲 icon to see recommended bike routes and gradients (steepness). Remember don’t feel like you have to be married to Google’s options, casually dating them works too - you may find better routes by simply getting out and exploring.⠀

3: gear - starting out you don’t need to invest in all the gear. Which gear you get will depend on whether you will cycle in dry weather or be an all weather cyclist. I slowly built up my commuting gear over time. To start, I used a milk crate to carry my things upgrading to waterproof Ortlieb pannier bags over time. I still use my ski pants as rain pants in the winter. Lights and a helmet are a must, and if you want to carry stuff (not on your back) then I recommend a bike rack. This is where you can attach bike bags (panniers) or a lovely yellow milk crate. ⠀

Bonus tip: find a commuting buddy. Maybe there’s someone you work with or go to school with that lives nearby and you could cycle together?

Join the conversation. What’s your commuting tips? Starting from fresh, what are you most nervous or excited about? Will you test commuting by bicycle this year? ⠀

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