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DIY bike maintenance

Designed for beginners and open to everyone. Learn the practical skills to keep your bike running safely and smoothly. Save money on tune ups and bike repair costs, and feel that sense of accomplishment and joy that comes with knowing how to do it yourself!

Suzie Cycles courses are intentionally done differently to other bike maintenance courses. I believe in


  • teaching in bite sized easy to follow steps and we start right from the beginning

  • unpacking that bike jargon so next time you speak to a bike mechanic, you know what they're talking about!

  • building confidence so you have the self belief to use your new practical bike skills


Choose from a range of courses such as

  • Bike Parts 101 - Learn the names and functions of the basic components of a bicycle - this is a  pre-requisite to Bike Maintenance 101

  • Bike Maintenance 101

    • Fix a flat tyre and how to pump a tyre

    • Rim brake replacement and adjustment

    • Tune gears

    • Why and how to clean your bike

    • ABC Quick Check

    • and more!

Coming soon
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