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Hi, I'm Suzie

bike mechanic, educator & Speaker
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pronouns she/her/sí/í

Founder of suzie cycles


For the past ten years I resided in Vancouver, Canada - located on the traditional, ancestral and currently occupied territory of the Squamish, Stó:lō, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam Nations. I now live at home in Wexford,  Ireland.

Cycle commuter

7 years ago I started commuting to work to save money on transport costs. Little did I know when I bought my first little commuter bike (Margaret) it would change my life. Being on a bicycle gave me a sense of joy, calm and accomplishment.

across Canada


In the Summer of 2018, I was feeling the effects of burn so I decided to take Margaret and cycle 7,500 km's across Canada.


On this journey I depended on other people to fix everything from a flat tyre to adjusting gears. I started to wonder why had I never felt motivated to learn how to fix my bike myself? 

from burn out to bike mechanic

For me, it was two reasons



I had often felt intimated in bike spaces not understanding the technical bike terms being used.



as a self identifying woman I didn't feel represented in cycling spaces. 


By the time I got to Newfoundland (on the territory of the Miq'maq and Beothuk peoples) I was determined to make a change.






I started working in a bike shop, went back to school and became a certified bike mechanic

and created

Flower Wrench Design.png

suzie cycles

A space to

learn the skills and build the confidence to make biking better for folks

A place that

fosters an inclusive cycling community and centers belongng for gals, gays and theys, and pushes back against structural inequalities

On a mission to
  • empower folks to be self reliant and feel the joy and accomplishment of Doing it Yourself

  • reduce carbon emissions by encouraging and supporting more folks to cycle

  • champion the joy of everyday cycling

suzie cycles values


Lived experience is honored and celebrated. Everyone has something to learn and something to teach.

Having fun is central to the learning process and encouraged!


This space fosters an inclusive cycling community and centers belonging for gals, gays and theys and pushes back against structural inequalities

Bicycle x 3 New.png

Practical Skills

Learning practical, tangible skills enhances  the experience of being on a bicycle.

Folks feel safer, more self reliant and empowered



 Suzie Cycles uses a strengths based approach supporting learners to have confidence in their abilities and to bring their whole selves to the learning journey

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