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geared for you

A bicycle match making service

Find your everyday bike with Suzie Cycles

in 3 easy steps

Book a consultation and receive my compatibility quiz


This is where I get to know you and your bicycle hopes and dreams to find out exactly what kind of bicycle is the best match for you.

Take basic body measurements

from the comfort of your home. Using these I'll narrow down the bicycles that are the right frame size for you.

meet your matches


in our online consultation. Each match is hand selected and I'll go through each one in detail so you can make the best selection for you.

Let me be your bicycle matchmaker


Cost $55*

*If cost is a barrier please let me know, sliding scale pricing is available and I'm happy to discuss options.

Yes, I want to give the gift of a dream bike
Suzie Cycles

Hi, I'm Suzie!


Bike mechanic, Educator and Bike coach

I love matching people with bikes cause I know first hand that finding the right bike can be difficult. From searching ads, browsing bike shops or trying to make sense of all the information on the internet it can take a lot of precious time and energy.

GEARED FOR YOU is a coaching service that helps you narrow down your list of prospective bicycles to a select group of compatible bikes that are the right fit for you and your bike goals.

A bike is a long term investment. I will equip you with the skills to find your next bike (time and time again) and empower you to make a real connection with your bicycle hopes and dreams.

For a limited time only give the gift of a dream bike with a Geared for You gift card.

Suzie Cycles
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I wouldn't have the bikes I have today without Suzie's skills, knowledge and help 🙌 🙌. The right bike makes all the difference!



Knowledgeable, friendly and excited to help me

find a bike


Suzie Cycles
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More about suzie

Certified bike mechanic, and educator for 16 years

Cycled across canada

in 2018 to raise funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association

Suzie Cycles
Suzie Cycles
Speaker and Collaborator
  • Key note speaker at the Canadian Mental Health Association Vancouver/Fraser branch AGM.

  • UK Cycle Touring Festival 

  • Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival

Collaborations with Aisle, Bleeding Out Loud, Side Saddle Bikes and more

  • Instagram

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